Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So if a dog can't be housebroken...

...isn't it time to get rid of it?

No, this post isn't about pet ownership; it's about the occupiers of Wall Street and even those elsewhere around the US and the world.

I have no problem with the right of these unwashed masses to protest, but after 3 weeks and beyond, they are becoming quite the nuisance. Aside from the fact that many at Occupy Wall Street and other protest sites haven't a clue as to why they're there (see the videos below if you don't believe me), they are also engaging in behavior that clearly undermines their movement and impedes any progress for them to be taken seriously. Sorry, but activities like defecating on sidewalks (and even police cars!), banging drums, partaking in illegal drug use, and having sex in plain view of other park squatters are eventually going to raise the ire of the mayor on down to rank-and-file police officers to the point of shouting "enough is enough!"

And now the word is out that theft is occurring amongst the smelly squatters. Imagine that; the same people screaming about wealth redistribution are having their own possessions redistributed, including a $5500 Mac. How ironic is that?

Eventually the authorities are going to put out the call to clear Zuccotti Park and the surrounding area, if nothing else, for safety and health reasons. After over three weeks, it cannot be very sanitary around that area, what with all the trash, bodily waste, and lack of personal hygiene. It's only a matter of time before rats and other vermin overtake the area if they haven't started doing so already. And then comes the possibility of disease breaking out. Of course if protestors start getting sick they'll blame that on Wall Street, too.

The dog is crapping on the floor and it won't stop; time to get rid of it!

Not only does it pee and poop wherever it pleases; it's also destructive as you see above!