Friday, April 29, 2011

She better start packing some heat!

Well, the hornet's nest is getting stirred once again! No, the supposed culprit isn't a cartoonist drawing the Pedophile Mohammed or a preacher burning the Koran.

This time it's a Muslim woman posing nude in the German edition of Playboy. The video I provided features only a few photos from the shoot tastefully done with no naughty bits revealed (relief for some, disappointment for others, I know).

Now Playboy is not something I necessarily condone. That being said, I also leave it up to the woman hoping to be the next centerfold to make that decision. Unfortunately, there are those out there who embrace an ideology vehemently opposed to my worldview, so much so that the more looney ones want to stick a knife through her heart.

I can certainly understand why Sila Sahin did what she did; she was raised in a culture oppressive to women and that forces them to cover themselves so as not to arouse the men in their community (yeah, self-control is not something encouraged with this bunch).

But I am concerned about her safety and well-being. I have heard the horror stories about young Muslim women becoming victims of "honor" killings, and the reasons vary, like the teenage girl who refused to wear the headscarf, the young woman who refused an arranged marriage, or the teenage sisters gunned down by their father because he believed they were becoming too "Westernized". I encourage her to seek refuge someplace safe away from large Muslim communities. She is quite recognizable now and would be an easy target for some knife-wielding maniac screaming "allahu ackbar!"

At this point, I can only hope and pray that she doesn't become another statistic!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yeah, we know how deadly those wiffle balls can be...

I swear, America seems to have the most politicians who are nothing more than meddling busybodies!!!

With all the talk about getting kids away from video games and TV and go outside to play, now we have morons in the New York state legislature trying to regulate outdoor fun! Here's a link:

Watch out for them wiffle balls!

What do they expect kids to do at summer camp, knit and crochet? Oh, wait, they can't do that, either, because those knitting needles are deadly, too!

Let the kids have fun and the wet blankets be thrown back into the wash!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

He's calling them out; act like parents, not BFFs!!!

I found this on the CNN International website today. The author, LZ Granderson, is laying it down:

Parents, don't dress your girls like tramps!

Yes, that is a link to the story. Go ahead and click on it to read more!

And I found this to really sum it all up. Enjoy!

Well done, Sarah Jane Smith, well done...

I got word last night that Elisabeth Sladen, the British actress best known for her role as Sarah Jane Smith at various points in the Doctor Who series, had passed away yesterday after a bout with cancer. Came as quite a shock as I didn't even know she had been ill.

I had first seen her on the small screen back in the early 80s when the local PBS station (WYES out of New Orleans) ran episodes of Doctor Who late on Saturday nights. I had heard of this science fiction show from Britain via word of mouth from a small but rather vocal fan base springing up in America. So I was directed to the local TV listings of when it would be regularly shown. A little surprised at first; I first laid eyes on this tall, bulgy-eyed guy with a mane of dark, curly hair and a rainbow-colored scarf running though a badly-constructed set whilst being chased by what looked like pepper shakers on wheels (I found out later these were called "Daleks"). I did find one character interesting; this woman who traveled with him, and her name was Sarah Jane. I come to find out that she had a fan following all her own; not hard to see why.

In recent years, she surfaced in a new incarnation of Doctor Who (which hadn't been in production, save a horrid American-produced telefilm in 1996, for 16 years). Fortunately, with the cable channel BBC America, fans in America don't have to wait 5+ years for a new Doctor episode like in the old days with PBS. But I'm digressing a bit here. Anyway, the fans must have wanted more, so a spinoff series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, soon debuted. Obviously aimed at the younger set, it possessed enough of the excitement and spirit of Doctor Who so that older fans also tuned in.

But alas, the adventures of Elisabeth and Sarah Jane come to a somber end. She will truly be missed...

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Taking a page from Orwell

Orwell's 1984 continues to inspire some people over 60 years after it was first published...and not for the better! The author presents this work as a warning of how any institution can change into something more dystopian if we allow it. Some prefer to embrace such a change rather than shun it!

Case in point: Little Village Academy, a public school on the west side of Chicago.

The story? Chicago school bans some lunches brought from home.

The principal of this school has taken it upon herself to decide that the slop served at her school (I don't know this for certain; I'm assuming this from some of the quotes in the article regarding the quality of the food) is mandatory and any lunch brought from home is unacceptable. What business is it of hers what a student eats, anyway?

We've all heard the jokes (and made a few, I admit) over the years regarding school cafeteria food. But now the joke is on the students of this particular school; they eat whatever is dished out day after day and like it, or go without!

Both of my nieces are very fussy eaters and rarely buy the lunch at school and instead prepare their own bag lunch every school morning. Both would throw fits if they were suddenly prohibited from bringing their own lunch! I can only imagine what kind of fuss is being raised among students and parents. But what scares me is that there are some parents who have no problem with the principal's policy.

Again, I stress my view as I have in previous posts is that complacency is not an option! The only option that should be available is that students be allowed the choice between the pot luck (and maybe Russian roulette?) served in the cafeteria or bring their own lunch, whether it be a baggie of carrot sticks or a box of Twinkies!

But the academy's principal did leave room for an exception; students with food allergies are exempt from her policy.

I think the school will be receiving a lot of doctor's notes in the coming days if the policy is not withdrawn...

Till next time, peace!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nihad Awad, Co-founder of CAIR, Unplugged:

I don't really have a post of my own today, but I did find this at

CAIR tries to portray itself as the Muslim equivalent of the NAACP, but, like an onion, when you start peeling back the layers...

Nihad Awad, Co-founder of CAIR, Unplugged: