Friday, April 29, 2011

She better start packing some heat!

Well, the hornet's nest is getting stirred once again! No, the supposed culprit isn't a cartoonist drawing the Pedophile Mohammed or a preacher burning the Koran.

This time it's a Muslim woman posing nude in the German edition of Playboy. The video I provided features only a few photos from the shoot tastefully done with no naughty bits revealed (relief for some, disappointment for others, I know).

Now Playboy is not something I necessarily condone. That being said, I also leave it up to the woman hoping to be the next centerfold to make that decision. Unfortunately, there are those out there who embrace an ideology vehemently opposed to my worldview, so much so that the more looney ones want to stick a knife through her heart.

I can certainly understand why Sila Sahin did what she did; she was raised in a culture oppressive to women and that forces them to cover themselves so as not to arouse the men in their community (yeah, self-control is not something encouraged with this bunch).

But I am concerned about her safety and well-being. I have heard the horror stories about young Muslim women becoming victims of "honor" killings, and the reasons vary, like the teenage girl who refused to wear the headscarf, the young woman who refused an arranged marriage, or the teenage sisters gunned down by their father because he believed they were becoming too "Westernized". I encourage her to seek refuge someplace safe away from large Muslim communities. She is quite recognizable now and would be an easy target for some knife-wielding maniac screaming "allahu ackbar!"

At this point, I can only hope and pray that she doesn't become another statistic!


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