Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So are they also promoting a Kristalnacht-like atmosphere?

And where will the concentration camps be built?

Seriously, there's a push against Israel similar to what Nazi brownshirts were doing to German Jews in the early 1930s as Hitler and his thugs rose to power.

Apparently the lessons that history can teach us are being ignored. Like the non-aggression pacts that nations like Austria and Denmark signed with Nazi Germany, acts of appeasement to the Islamic/Palestinian community are being demonstrated by local governments in the UK in the form of bans and boycotts of all things Israeli/Jewish. Somehow it's become (in some circles) an acceptable form of anti-Semitism. Click the link to read more.

Infidel Bloggers Alliance: Scottish municipality bans Israeli books

I'm not suggesting that Israel is infallible (no nation is, admit it!), but the fools pushing for such bans and boycotts look the other way when it comes to the laundry list of human rights abuses that are all-too-commonplace in lands where Islamic sharia law is practiced. Then again, their actions come mostly from fear; I suppose I wouldn't want a crazed lunatic with scimitar in hand coming at me screeching "allahu ackbar!"


Friday, May 27, 2011

And we're supposed to be "tolerant" of these a-holes???

Of course we'll hear from supposed "moderate" Muslims (and some useful idiots on the left) the usual taquiyya that Islam is a "religion of peace" yet we continually hear and see evidence to the contrary. It's really the only religion on Earth that promotes hatred, violence, and misogyny. So here we go with another example of how "peaceful" Islam is.

Gary Smith, a religious education teacher at an all-girls school in London, was beaten nearly to death by a gang of Islamic thugs after a niece of one of the thugs mentioned that her teacher was discussing Islam in class as per the national curriculum requiring religious educations teachers to cover the "six major religions", Islam obviously being one of them (although I wouldn't object if it was dropped from the curriculum). So the thug came to the conclusion that Mr. Smith was "mocking Islam" and called up three of his buddies to plan an ambush (not exactly a fair fight, to be sure). They beat this guy, fracturing his skull and shattering his jaw, leaving him for dead as they praised their barbaric moon god. Mug shots? Here you go:

You can read more about it HERE

All their profiles mentioned that they each lived in a "council flat". I'm not all that familiar with that term, but I'm assuming that it's similar to a US housing project. No secret, really, that many a Muslim living in the West live off the public dole even on a minimal scale; perhaps a form of economic jihad to cripple and eventually collapse government infrastructures? Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Then again, some Islamic leaders have gone on record as saying that they wouldn't mind seeing Western democracies replaced with Islamic sharia law. Yeah, we all know how most countries under sharia are thriving (picture me rolling my eyes here). If Saudi Arabia and a few others in the Middle East didn't have oil fields, they'd be in the same boat as their third-world brethren. But I'm digressing here.

Anyway, back to our gang of thugs. Nice to see that they'll all be doing some time, though I think their sentences for the most part are rather light, considering that the attack was pre-meditated. Mr. Smith now has to spend the rest of his days dealing with both physical and emotional scars; how many more Gary Smiths do we have to have until we realize that Islam is not simply "another religion" but an ideology promoting fear, violence, hatred, misogyny, and, eventually, world domination. I don't know about you, but I have no desire to wear 7th century Arabic garb and stick my butt in the air 5 times a day!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Somebody explain to me why an 8-year-old needs botox!!!

I've never been a fan of parents who insist on living vicariously through their children. From sports dads to pageant moms, I'll never understand their obsession to mold their children to become the stars they never could become, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of their own broken dreams.

Now that I got that off my chest, here's a video that's sure to disgust more than a few of you:

Why does an 8-year-old need botox? Sorry, but botox is for aging socialites desperately trying to recapture what they used to look like in their 20s. You can argue that last point all you want, fine, but it's certainly not for pre-pubescent pageant girls already inundated on a continuous basis with the supposed importance of looks. I also find it curious that this "mother" refuses to name the source of her daughter's botox injections yet insists that it's all legal. Legality aside, I would certainly question the ethics of any medical professional who would give access to botox to an 8-year-old, even with parental insistence...er, I mean, consent.

This is most definitely going beyond the realm of spray tans (for that Oompa-Loompa look!) and big hair. I understand it's becoming a trend. You know, monkey see, monkey do!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's time to stand up and shout "NO MORE!!!"

So now we have news of another "honor" killing here in the states. Jessica Mokdad fled her home in Minnesota with the aid of friends to a Detroit suburb in Michigan, only to be tracked down and sh0t in cold blood by her stepfather. Here's a news clip:

How long is this going to continue? Sure, this practice is commonplace in Islamic-majority countries and that's bad enough, but when it's brought to the West by Muslim immigrants, we cannot simply turn a blind eye to this for fear of angering Muslim communities. I get the feeling that's precisely why you don't hear much from human rights organizations like Amnesty International or feminist groups like NOW. Why so silent? Perhaps other agendas to focus on? Or maybe it's because they fear becoming targets of violence.

All I know is that if we continue to turn the other way, nothing is going to change. Even silence is sanction!

Peace (and may Jessica rest in hers...)!

Monday, May 2, 2011

They've only treated a symptom...the disease goes merrily along...

If you haven't heard already, global terrorist #1 and 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden met his end. Won't he be surprised at what awaits him in the afterlife (HINT: it's not going to be 72 black-eyed virgins!)?

So what now? Are the jihadist threats to the West going to stop? Not by a long shot! You know there's going to be a power grab by a bunch of bin Laden wannabees, and you can bet the body count will increase over that alone. And, of course, the hornet's nest gets stirred up once again with demands of retaliation by admirers of bin Laden and the rank-and-file of al-Qaida. We in the West are by no means safe, especially with Islamic terrorists walking among us thanks to lax immigration policies and Islamo-pandering!

But for the moment, people in the US are jubilant over the news:

I would have preferred to have seen bin Laden taken captive to stand trial for his crimes, but I get the feeling that most terrorists would rather resist than be captured. He and his band of thugs likely engaged the Navy SEALS in a firefight at the Islamabad mansion (really? a mansion?) thus dying just as he had lived: violently!

Now we wait for reaction from the Islamic world. My guess is that it's not going to be pretty!

Until next time,