Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's time to stand up and shout "NO MORE!!!"

So now we have news of another "honor" killing here in the states. Jessica Mokdad fled her home in Minnesota with the aid of friends to a Detroit suburb in Michigan, only to be tracked down and sh0t in cold blood by her stepfather. Here's a news clip:

How long is this going to continue? Sure, this practice is commonplace in Islamic-majority countries and that's bad enough, but when it's brought to the West by Muslim immigrants, we cannot simply turn a blind eye to this for fear of angering Muslim communities. I get the feeling that's precisely why you don't hear much from human rights organizations like Amnesty International or feminist groups like NOW. Why so silent? Perhaps other agendas to focus on? Or maybe it's because they fear becoming targets of violence.

All I know is that if we continue to turn the other way, nothing is going to change. Even silence is sanction!

Peace (and may Jessica rest in hers...)!

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