Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Death At A Discount! Limited Time Only!

No matter what side of the abortion issue you're on, you can't deny that the coupon pictured below treats the procedure with a cavalier attitude.

Aside from the gall to put a abortion on the same level as getting a discount on an oil change or teeth whitening via coupons, this clinic restricts its use to Sundays only.


Why not Monday? Tuesday? Usually some businesses offer specials and coupons to stimulate business on traditionally slow days like Monday or Tuesday.

But, no, the clinic restricts it specifically to Sunday, perhaps to rub it in the face of pro-life advocates, the majority of whom are regular church attendees. Or maybe the owner of this clinic assumes that pro-lifers will be busy on Sundays with church activities so any protests in front of their clinic will be minimal at best.

In any event, it clearly shows poor taste to even offer a coupon or special on something like this! Obviously abortion is big business! But I guess business is so bad at this clinic that they have to resort to issuing coupons. The only thing that could be possible be worse is if they issue some kind of frequent user's card that gets punched on every visit until the user gets enough punches to get a free abortion.

As if life couldn't be cheapened any further...


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