Thursday, March 17, 2011

AFLAC had every right to fire Gottfried!

The media really latched on to Gilbert Gottfried's offensive tweets in lame attempts to make jokes about the tragedy in Japan. I'm going to spare you dear readers what was tweeted; if you haven't heard what was tweeted and are curious, there's plenty of sites and blogs out there that cover the story, tweets included.

Now Howard Stern has chimed in, saying it wasn't right for AFLAC to fire him and gave his reasons why. If you're really interested in anything Stern has to say, here's a clip:

A number of news programs have brought in or consulted legal experts regarding Gottfried's firing and the ones I've seen have stated that yes, AFLAC had every right to release him. Like it or not, companies and corporations consider employee conduct both on and off the job. Gottfried represented AFLAC even if he wasn't a full-time contractual employee, AFLAC had to consider the potential harm this controversy could do to their reputation, and so a decision had to be made. So unless the advertising agency AFLAC uses has Gottfried's sound bites on file and AFLAC doesn't mind paying royalties to Gottfried, you won't be hearing their famous duck screeching this anymore:


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