Monday, March 21, 2011

They could ruin a teacher's career over this???

Before I get into this, why not watch the video first:

A distinguished teaching career of 27 years is now in jeopardy because a Muslim kid was traumatized over the use of the word "ham". And they actually sent the police out to investigate this and have charged him with what is essentially a "hate" crime!


First of all, I believe the kid to be rather disrespectful and impudent for telling his teacher how to instruct his class.

Secondly, I really don't believe Senor Reyes (the teacher) would have suggested the student return to his country of origin, and if he did, so what? The kid wouldn't have to worry about hearing the words "ham", "pig", "pork", etc. in his country of birth. No, it's my belief that this kid and his mother are putting on a show for the Spanish media. Spain obviously has its adherents to political correctness like those here in America who love to brand someone "racist" or "xenophobic" if he or she does not kowtow to a Muslim immigrant's culture or beliefs.

This episode reminds me of the woman in England who was instructed by local police to remove CERAMIC pigs from her kitchen windowsill because they offended her Muslim neighbors, even though said pigs were on HER property. I can only imagine what would have happened if ske kept REAL pigs in her yard!

If these are their beliefs regarding swine, OK, whatever! But a line is crossed whenever said beliefs are imposed on the rest of us by force!

The idea behind immigration is that immigrants, while maintaining some degree of their heritage, culture, and beliefs, would eventually assimilate into their new country. But lately, even in America, we're moving farther away from that ideal. Now we have morons in power who believe it is their duty to fully accommodate every aspect of a new immigrant's life so that assimilation into the "melting pot" does not occur. And while America does not have an official language, it's universally accepted that English is the language of choice and the one most spoken. Hispanic immigrants have been accommodated to the point that they are not motivated to even try and learn some English. But I digress a bit here.

I think the following video, simplistic as it is, sums up the point:

In any event, it would be a travesty if Senor Reyes were to lose his job over a very minute objection of a single student. Pandora's Box will be flung wide open...


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