Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Almighty Church of Narcissism

Yep, that's what the Westboro Baptist Church should change its name to. You know the church; the one whose members hold protests at the funerals of homosexuals and KIAs carrying signs like "God Hates Fags" and "Thank God For Dead Soldiers". They're always making headlines somewhere.

Their antics never cease to sicken me. Just a couple of months ago, they planned a protest at the funeral of 9-year-old Christina Taylor-Green, one of the victims of the Tucson, Arizona shootings. Now why would they choose this little girl's funeral? It's despicable that they protest at ANYONE'S funeral, buy why her? What did she ever do to them? What was her perceived crime? Simple: she was born and raised a Catholic. Yep, that's it! It's worth it for them to show off their silly little signs all the while upsetting Christina's already-grieving family and friends. I don't what kind of god these whackjobs worship, but it's clearly not one of love and compassion. Fortunately, though, their protest was canceled, but only after they were offered air time on a radio station. Whatever god or entity they worship, it has a name: Narcissism!

Now only a day after Elizabeth Taylor passes away, the Westboro kooks announced a protest at her funeral. I'm not sure why; at first I thought it might be because of her 8 marriages. But then I realized it's most likely because of her work with organizations (including her own foundation) that deal with HIV and AIDS. The demented worldview of the Westboro cult (yes, I said "cult" of which the vast majority of members are related in some way) is that AIDS is a homosexual disease, and any0ne who disagrees with that view is, in their words, a "fag enabler".

The media really needs to stop covering these clowns! You know, just ignore them and they'll eventually go away! Don't send out film crews and don't invite any of the Phelps clan to appear on news and talk shows! Probably not going to happen anytime soon. The Westboro nuts are like sideshow freaks at a carnival; you're likely going to be repulsed, but you can't help but watch!

And if you just have to have a glimpse, here you go:

What a sight, eh?



  1. It's so sad to see kids holding those signs- they have no idea and what they do understand is twisted- sick.
    There are so called Christians out there that scare me silly. shiver!!!

    Blog is coming along mate. :)

  2. Thanks, Sarah, it's a real work in progress!

    Fortunately, despite having the word "Baptist" in their name, Baptist organizations have nothing to do with them.